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• Growing Bitcoin transactions highlight importance of Lightning Network
• Binance listing pushes Floki, Pepe up more than 50%
• WSB rallies over 200% after suspect offers refund option

Growing Bitcoin Transactions Highlight Importance of Lightning Network

Bitcoin transactions have been growing steadily, highlighting the importance of the Lightning Network as a layer two solution. The network leverages existing blockchain technology to create faster and more secure payments with cheaper fees. Binance recently listed Floki and Pepe tokens which caused both tokens to rise by more than 50%. Additionally, Wall Street Bets has seen a surge in popularity after a suspect offered refunds on investments made through them.

Binance Listing Pushes Floki, Pepe Up More Than 50%

The recent listing on Binance for Floki and Pepe tokens has seen both tokens rise significantly. The listing has allowed investors to trade using these tokens, driving up their value by more than 50%. This highlights the power of cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of driving up prices for certain coins or tokens.

WSB Rallies Over 200% After Suspect Offers Refund Option

Wall Street Bets (WSB) is an investment platform that has recently seen a surge in popularity due to a suspect offering refunds for investments made through it. This led to a rally of over 200%, showcasing how easily prices can be affected by news related to cryptocurrency markets.

Israel Seized Nearly 200 Binance Accounts Over Terrorism Links

In the last two years, Israel seized nearly 200 accounts from cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance due to suspected links with terrorism financing operations. The accounts were frozen as part of a larger crackdown on illicit activity within the crypto space by regulatory authorities around the world.

Voyager Intends To Start Returning Customer Funds In Coming Weeks

Voyagers intends to start returning customer funds in coming weeks following its acquisition by Apollo Global Management earlier this year. This comes as part of Voyager’s commitment to providing customers with access to digital assets and services securely and responsibly.