SVB Collapse Tied to Fed Rate Hikes, Rumors: Ex-CEO

• Ex-Ethereum developer called Open AI founder’s Worldcoin project ‘unrealistic and scary’
• Justin Sun accused Huobi’s founder’s brother of freeloading on HT token
• SVB former CEO ties collapse to rumors, Fed Reserve’s interest rate hike

Ex-Ethereum Developer’s Criticism

An ex-Ethereum developer has called the Worldcoin project of Open AI founder „unrealistic and scary“. This criticism follows a series of other news regarding various tokens, digital assets, regulations and the like.

Justin Sun’s Accusation

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron Foundation, accused the brother of Huobi’s founder of freeloading on HT token. This accusation comes after a unanimous vote from EU finance ministers to greenlight MiCA regulations.

BNY Mellon Focus On Digital Assets

In addition to this, BNY Mellon is focusing on digital assets without crypto yet still deems tokenization as the „next wave of securitization“. Hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones has stated that the entire US regulatory apparatus is against Bitcoin.

SVB Former CEO Blames Collapse On Rumors And Rate Hike

Silicon Valley Bank former CEO Greg Becker blamed the bank’s failure on an unprecedented bank run following rumors about the bank and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes. Becker described it as „the steepest rate increase over a 12-month period in almost 40 years“ and added that no financial institution could survive a similar situation.


The news from around the world regarding digital assets continues to be varied and dynamic with new developments occurring constantly. Despite this ever changing landscape, it seems that cryptocurrency remains something that is still heavily scrutinized by regulators in countries such as America.