GPT-4 Performance Plunges: New Research Reveals Drifts

• A study conducted by Stanford and UC Berkeley compared the performance of GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 across various tasks in March and June.
• The results showed considerable shifts in accuracy, with prime number accuracy dropping from 97.6% to 2.4%.
• GPT-4 also became less keen on providing direct answers to delicate inquiries, with its response rate dropping from 21% to 5%. Additionally, the amount of executable Python code generated declined due to extra non-code text.

CoinDesk Deal May Be Finalizing

A $125 million acquisition deal between CoinDesk and a private company may be reaching its final stages. The details of the transaction are still unclear at this time.

Alameda & FTX Collapse Unveiled Through Legal Discovery Process

Caroline Ellison’s private documents from before Alameda and FTX’s collapse have been exposed through legal discovery proceedings. These materials shed light on what happened prior to the companies‘ downfall.

Apple Developing AI Chatbot as Internal Tool

Apple is currently developing an AI chatbot for internal use, though it remains unclear how it will be used or when it will be available.

Societe Generale Subsidiary Gets Crypto Services License

Societe Generale’s subsidiary has obtained France’s first crypto services license, allowing them to provide asset management services related to digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Terraform Labs Appoints Chris Amani as New CEO

Terraform Labs has announced their new CEO – Chris Amani – who will replace Do Kwon starting August 1st 2021.