Crypto King Kidnapped and Tortured for $41M Crypto Scam

• Aiden Pleterski, self-proclaimed ‚Crypto King‘ of Canada, is accused of misleading investors by promising investments in cryptocurrency and foreign exchange.
• New court filings reveal that he was kidnapped and held ransom for three days before being released.
• He is said to have raised a staggering $41.5 million from investors, but only invested $670,000 of it on personal expenses such as private jets and vacations.

Crypto King Raised Millions But Only Invested $670K

Aiden Pleterski, self-proclaimed ‚Crypto King‘ of Canada, is accused of misleading investors by promising investments in cryptocurrency and foreign exchange. According to the findings, he raised a staggering $41.5 million from investors but only invested $670,000 — expending nearly 38% of the funds raised on personal expenses including private jet rentals, extravagant vacations and the acquisition of high-end cars.

Kidnapping & Torture Over Failed Investments Scheme

New court filings in the case reveal previously undisclosed details of his kidnapping and torture which occurred over three days December 2022 as a result of his failed investment scheme. Pleterski’s father testified to the trustee that his son was kidnapped in the middle of the night and subjected to brutal torture and beatings during his three-day captivity while being driven around Southern Ontario. The landlord received a ransom call demanding $3 million for his release, in which Pleterski allegedly pleaded with him saying that his physical life was in danger. After three days he was released by his captives.

Investors Seeking Repayment Through Other Means

In a bankruptcy trustee report filed earlier this year it stated that only $25 million in creditors have come forward —indicating that those who had invested the other $16 million may be seeking repayment via other means. In a statement given to the bankruptcy court Pleterski said “I guess you could say greed took over” referring to why he decided to invest funds into personal expenses instead of following through with investor’s expectations when investing into crypto assets/foreign exchange trading activities.

Court Case Ongoing & Unclear Outcome

The Ontario court case between Aiden Pleterski vs numerous creditors is still ongoing with an unclear outcome at this time as lawyers battle out details regarding if/how much money will be repaid back to those taken advantage by investing into what they thought would be profitable crypto assets/foreign exchange trading activities led by Pleterski (the Crypto King). Although many are hopeful for some sort justice served due to recent developments such as kidnappings & ransoms related directly or indirectly with Pleterksi’s fraudulent investments scheme(s).


The case involving Aiden Pleterski highlights how easily scammers can take advantage naive investors with fraudulent investment schemes — even when presented with seemingly legitimate opportunities such as investing into crypto assets or foreign exchange trading activities led by one labeled ‘Crypto King’ like himself.. It also further reinforces why its important to do your own research & due diligence before investing capital into any type financial opportunity presented online or offline regardless if its labeled legitimate or not!