BITX Achieves $500K Trading Volume in 15 Minutes: Bitcoin Investors Reap Rewards

• Bitcoin recently reached the $30,000 mark, prompting short-term holders to take advantage and send their Bitcoin to exchanges.
• This profit-taking behavior is similar to what was seen during the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse when Bitcoin dropped below $20,000.
• During both of these events, investors chose to take profits or sell their holdings depending on the situation.

BITX Achieves $500K Trading Volume

Bitcoin investors saw an opportunity for profit taking as soon as BITX achieved a trading volume of $500K in the first 15 minutes after its launch. Investors flocked to Purpose Bitcoin ETF as well, further driving up trading volumes.

Bitcoin Ignores Correlation with Traditional Finance

Bitcoin has continued its success story by ignoring traditional finance with an 84% rise in 2023. This rise was further bolstered by a 3 day period prior to the attempted coup in Russia where trading volume skyrocketed.

Short-Term Holders Take Advantage of Price Surge

As soon as Bitcoin hit the $30,000 mark, short-term holders took advantage of this surge and sent their Bitcoin to exchanges for profitable outcomes. These traders had acquired Bitcoin at prices lower than $30,000 and thus capitalized on the price surge.

Events Prompt Different Investor Behaviors

Black Swan events over the past 12 months have prompted different investor behaviors depending on the situation at hand; during SVB’s collapse most investors opted to take profits while FTX’s collapse saw peak fear grip markets leading investors to sell their holdings instead.


The recent price surge of bitcoin has led many short-term traders to capitalize on it through profitable outcomes; however black swan events can lead to opposite reactions from investors depending on which event is taking place at any given time.