1.54M ETH Could Be Sold After Ethereum Upgrade: What You Need to Know

• Ethereum’s Shapella upgrade is set to occur and Glassnode estimates that up to 1.54 million ETH could be sold after the upgrade.
• This could have a major impact on Ethereum’s price and market sentiment.
• CryptoSlate Alpha members can access exclusive insights into how this upgrade will affect Etheruem’s price.

Worst-Case Scenario for Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade

The upcoming Ethereum Shapella upgrade has the potential to cause significant changes in the market, with estimates of up to 1.54 million ETH being sold after it occurs. This development could have a major impact on Ethereum’s price and market sentiment, making it an important event to watch out for in the crypto world.

Glassnode Estimates

Data from Glassnode suggests that between 170,000 ETH and 1.54 million ETH could be liquidated following the Shapella upgrade as users and validators unlock their staked ETH through partial or full withdrawal options. This would represent a large influx of new assets into circulation, potentially causing volatility in the markets depending on how investors react.

Exclusive Research & Insights

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