Prosecutors Seize $50M from FTX Founder’s Bank Deposit

• Prosecutors seized roughly $50 million from FTX founder SBF’s deposit to Farmington State Bank on Jan. 4
• Alameda Research, SBF’s venture capital, had previously invested $11.5 million in the bank in March 2022
• The bank had only three employees when SBF deposited the amount and changed its name to Moonstone Bank after the investment

On January 4th, prosecutors seized just under $50 million from FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) which was held in Farmington State Bank. This was only $500 short of the amount deposited. The bank specialized in agricultural loans to farmers and had only three employees when SBF made the deposit.

Alameda Research, SBF’s venture capital, had previously invested $11.5 million in the bank in March 2022. This investment saw the bank change its name to Moonstone Bank, as well as the addition of online banking services.

Prior to FTX’s investment, the bank had been steadily collecting about $10 million in deposits for a decade. By the third quarter of 2022, this amount had increased to $84 million. Of this increase, $71 million came from new accounts.

The former head of the Independent Community Bankers of America, Camden Fine, shared his thoughts on the investment. He said: “The fact that an offshore hedge fund that was basically a crypto firm was buying a stake in a tiny bank for multiples of what it was worth just a few years ago is pretty remarkable.”

The seizure of the $50 million deposit was a shock to the small bank, which had only three employees at the time of SBF’s deposit. It is unclear why the prosecutors decided to seize the money, but it is likely that it was done in connection with a criminal investigation. It is also unclear what will happen to the seized funds, but it is likely that the money will be returned to SBF in due course.

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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against DCG, Silbert Over Alleged Securities Fraud

• Genesis creditors have launched a class action lawsuit against Digital Currency Group (DCG) and its CEO Barry Silbert for alleged violations of federal securities laws.
• The lawsuit alleges that Genesis violated the Securities Act by executing lending agreements involving securities without qualifying for an exemption from registration under the securities laws.
• The lawsuit also alleges that Genesis committed securities fraud by making false and misleading statements about its financial condition.

Creditors of Genesis, a digital asset lending platform that filed for bankruptcy last week, have launched a class action lawsuit against its parent company Digital Currency Group (DCG) and its CEO Barry Silbert for alleged violations of federal securities laws. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut by creditors who loaned their digital assets to Genesis between February 2, 2021 and November 16, 2022.

The lawsuit alleges that Genesis violated the Securities Act by executing lending agreements involving securities without qualifying for an exemption from registration under the securities laws. The complaint further alleges that Genesis committed securities fraud by making false and misleading statements about its financial condition.

The class action seeks to hold DCG and Silbert liable as “Control Person(s)” in accordance with federal securities laws. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants were aware or should have been aware of the violations of the Securities Act and profited from them.

The lawsuit was filed by law firm Silver Golub & Teitell LLP which is representing Genesis creditors in the lawsuit. The firm noted that the “scheme to defraud was carried out, according to the Complaint, in order to induce prospective digital asset lenders to loan digital assets to Genesis Global Capital and to prevent existing creditors from understanding the true financial condition of Genesis Global Capital.”

The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages and equitable relief for the victims of the alleged fraud. According to the complaint, Genesis had deceived its creditors and investors by making false and misleading statements about its financial condition and prospects. As a result, creditors and investors have suffered significant losses due to their reliance on the false representations.

The lawsuit also seeks to enjoin DCG and Silbert from further violations of the Securities Act and to impose civil penalties. It remains to be seen how the case will progress but the lawsuit is likely to have a significant impact on the digital asset industry as a whole.

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What is Bitcoin Pro?

Cryptocurrency trading is rising more and more in the reputation of investors. Numerous investors have already made trading a full-time job and, as one reads, they have made good money with it. However, since the market is still very complex and most investors are not experienced in trading cryptocurrencies, the problem is compounded.
Cryptocurrency markets do not have opening and closing hours, they work around the clock, on weekends as well as on holidays. With this, it can be assumed that traders need extra help to be successful in bitcoin trading. That’s where trading bots come in handy.
The following article tests the popular Bitcoin Pro trading bot. As the preliminary result shows, it is a very well developed software. Before starting crypto trading properly, beginners in particular should first use the free demo account to determine their own needs. Only then should real money be invested.


What is Bitcoin Pro?

Bitcoin Pro is a cryptocurrency trading software that will determine the prices of different Bitcoins based on market parameters. It makes the decision whether to make a bitcoin trade automatically.
While initially it was only buying bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies are now also available. These could be Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. The trading bot can be used by professionals as well as beginners.

Features & Functionality


Who is behind Bitcoin Pro?

There are some people who feel safer if they can recognise a face behind a software. However, this Bitcoin Pro trading bot does not have that. You can’t tell which team is behind the software, but that in no way undermines the legitimacy of the trading bot.
The cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which is derived from the currency, is one of the leading cryptocurrencies today. It can be considered the standard solution for all old coins. The pseudonym Stich Nakamoto, who has already published a white paper, nevertheless remains a secret.
The seriousness of Bitcoin Pro Trading-Bot is underpinned by a network of regulated brokers.

###3 steps###

Opinions about Bitcoin Pro

My knowledge in the technical field is nil. I can navigate the internet with the support of Google, but I never thought I could operate such a sensitive and sophisticated program and even make money with it. The handling of the software is kept very simple and thus also suitable for a newcomer like me. Already in the first week, I was able to make hundreds of dollars. Thanks to Bitcoin Pro, we can already take our second cruise this year.

Advantages and disadvantages

Completely free of charge: The trading bot does not incur any costs.
Demo account: With the free demo account, the beginner can familiarise himself with the settings that are simply necessary for bitcoin trading. Only when one has familiarised oneself with the software can real money be invested.
Low deposit amount: The minimum deposit of $250 is very reasonable and offers investors a moderate overview.
Excellent customer support: The customer service is on duty around the clock. Investors can ask questions at any time, which are answered in a well-versed and friendly manner.
Convenient: The bot is web-based, which promises a safe return on investment as investors can trade on any device with an internet connection.

No founders: Who developed the bot could not be determined.


Now that investors have received necessary information on how the trading bot works, traders can sign up and start trading. A free demo account can be used beforehand, with which the settings can be practised, so to speak. Once investors feel confident and the basics are solidified, only then should real money be invested. This shows that Bitcoin Pro is not only serious, but wants everyone to make profits with it.

How does Bitcoin Pro compare to other bots?

We are convinced that Bitcoin Pro is one of the best auto-trading programs. It also performs much better than other competitors.
Therefore, we will recommend Bitcoin Pro without reservation.

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Bitcoin Era bietet Produkte und Dienstleistungen an

Bitcoin Era bietet Produkte und Dienstleistungen an, die für Händler und Investoren aller Qualifikationen geeignet sind, ähnlich wie bei anderen Börsen wie Phemex. Ob die Plattform benutzerfreundlich ist, hängt jedoch davon ab, wofür Sie sie nutzen.

Wenn Sie Bitcoin Era zum Beispiel nutzen wollen, um Bitcoin mit einer Debitkarte zu kaufen, ist der Prozess extrem einfach – selbst wenn Sie wenig oder gar keine Erfahrung mit Online-Investitionen haben. Das liegt daran, dass es sich um einen einfachen 3-Schritte-Prozess handelt, bei dem Sie ein Konto registrieren, eine Kopie Ihres Reisepasses/Führerscheins hochladen und dann Ihre Kartendaten eingeben.

Bitcoin Era handelsplattform

Wenn Sie hingegen mit Kryptowährungspaaren handeln möchten, könnte man argumentieren, dass Bitcoin Era etwas komplexer ist. Das liegt daran, dass die Plattform vollgepackt ist mit fortschrittlichen Handelswerkzeugen. Dies wird von großem Vorteil sein, wenn Sie ein erfahrener Händler sind, aber nicht so sehr, wenn Sie ein Neuling sind.

Der Prozess der Einzahlung und Abhebung von Geldern mit einer Kryptowährung ist jedoch relativ einfach. Sobald Sie auf die Kryptowährung klicken, mit der Sie Ihr Konto eröffnen möchten, zeigt Bitcoin Era Ihnen die eindeutige Wallet-Adresse an, an die Sie das Geld senden müssen.

Bitcoin Era Handels-Tools und Funktionen

Anknüpfend an den obigen Abschnitt hat unsere Bitcoin Era Review UK festgestellt, dass die Plattform eine große Auswahl an Tools und Funktionen bietet.

Die bemerkenswertesten werden im Folgenden näher erläutert.

Bitcoin Era UK bietet eine große Anzahl von Ordertypen, aus denen Sie beim Handel wählen können.

Markt-Order: Wenn Sie die Dinge einfach halten wollen, dann können Sie sich für eine Market Order entscheiden. Dies bedeutet, dass Bitcoin Era Ihre Position in weniger als einer Sekunde ausführen wird – zum nächsten verfügbaren Marktpreis.
Limit-Auftrag: Sie können sich auch für eine Limit-Order entscheiden. Damit können Sie den Preis festlegen, zu dem Sie Ihren Bitcoin Era-Handel platzieren möchten.
Stop-Loss: Mit dieser Auftragsart bei Bitcoin Era können Sie Ihre möglichen Verluste begrenzen. Geben Sie einfach den Preis ein, zu dem Sie Ihren Handel beenden möchten, und Bitcoin Era wird ihn schließen, wenn dieser ausgelöst wird.
Mitnahme-Gewinn: Bitcoin Era bietet auch Take-Profit-Orders an. Damit können Sie den Preis angeben, zu dem Ihr Handel geschlossen werden soll – wenn Sie ein vordefiniertes Gewinnziel erreichen.
Stop-Trailing-Auftrag: Dieser Auftragstyp ermöglicht es Ihnen, im Spiel zu bleiben, wenn Sie im Gewinn sind. Wenn Sie die Stop-Trailing-Order beispielsweise auf 5 % setzen, wird Ihr Handel nur geschlossen, wenn Sie 5 % an Wert verlieren. Der Ausstiegskurs wird jedoch automatisch erhöht, wenn der Wert Ihres Handels weiter steigt.
Hinweis: Wenn Sie eine Plattform eines Drittanbieters nutzen, um über einen API-Schlüssel auf Bitcoin Era zu handeln, haben Sie Zugang zu noch mehr Ordertypen.

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Crypto Comeback Pro kann der Standard sein

Senatorin Cynthia Lummis war beim Bitcoin Magazine, um über das digitale Asset in den Vereinigten Staaten zu sprechen. Ein Panel namens Bringing Bitcoin Innovation Home to America hat die Senatorin gehostet. Das Panel hatte sowohl Senatorin Lummis als auch Rep. Warren Davidson, der eng mit Lummis zusammenarbeitet. Allan Stevo diente als Moderator für das Panel.

Senator Lummis drückte seine Unterstützung für bitcoin und die Möglichkeiten, die es dem Land bietet, aus. Sie wies ferner darauf hin, dass Bitcoin zur richtigen Zeit gekommen sei und in der Lage sein würde, den US-Dollar zu stützen.

Der Kampf zur Rettung von Crypto Comeback Pro

Lummis äußerte sich besorgt über die Rate, mit der der US-Dollar gedruckt wurde. Es werde ständig Papiergeld produziert, das durch nichts gestützt werde, sagte Senator Lummis.

Senator Lummis zeigte sich auch besorgt über die massive Verschuldung bei Crypto Comeback Pro von 28 Milliarden Dollar, die ausgegeben wurde. Die schnelle Rate des Gelddruckens setze den Dollar extremen inflationären Bedingungen aus. Dies, so Warren, spiegele nicht die Ansichten und Werte der Vereinigten Staaten wider.

Auf diese Tatsache angesprochen, wies Senator Lummis darauf hin; „Es ist demoralisierend. Und meiner Meinung nach ist es anti-amerikanisch, unsere Währung auf diese Weise zu zerstören.“

Dies fand offensichtlich Anklang bei der Menge, denn diese Aussage wurde von den Anwesenden mit Applaus bedacht.

Bitcoin kann den U.S. Dollar stützen

Der US-Dollar verzeichnet derzeit eine durchschnittliche Inflationsrate von 1,4 %. Prognosen für dieses Jahr sehen die Inflationsrate im April bei 4,2%. Die Marktprognosen reichen sogar bis zu 4,2 %.

Dies ist offensichtlich eine wachsende Sorge für die Gesetzgeber in den Vereinigten Staaten. Und als solches gibt es einen Kampf um die Rettung des US-Dollars.

Lummis meinte, dass sie und ihre Kollegen weiterhin für die Rettung des US-Dollars kämpfen werden. In diesem Sinne erklärte Senatorin Lummis weiter, dass sie froh sei, dass Bitcoin aufkam. Sie wies darauf hin, dass Bitcoin den US-Dollar stützen könnte. Der Vermögenswert würde dabei helfen, Papierwährungen zu stützen, die schließlich gedruckt werden würden.

„Wenn wir völlig aus den Fugen geraten, kann Bitcoin dabei sein“, sagte Senatorin Cynthia Lummis. „Es wird der Standard sein.“

Senator Cynthia Lummis war schon immer lautstark über ihre Unterstützung für bitcoin. Zu Beginn dieses Jahres hatte sie erklärt, dass sie alle in auf bitcoin war. Die Senatorin kam sogar heraus zu erklären, dass sie hatte Beteiligungen in bitcoin. Enthüllung, dass sie mindestens fünf Bitcoins hatte, dass sie für die langfristige halten wurde.

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You only need 0.01 BTC for that

You want to be rich? You only need 0.01 BTC for that

In 10 years, the Bitcoin supply will be almost exhausted. Then you would only need 0.01 BTC to be one of the rich.

Today, 0.01 Bitcoin (BTC) costs just US$500. However, current trends in global wealth distribution and the inevitable limited Bitcoin supply will mean that 0.01 BTC will be worth US$1 million in the future.

According to Credit Suisse’s „Global Wealth Report 2020“, 51.9 million people have net assets of more than USD 1 million. The index takes into Bitcoin Billionaire account a person’s net wealth and their financial and real estate assets. Debts and liabilities are deducted.

Although millionaires make up only 1 percent of the world’s population (excluding children), they own 43 percent of the world’s wealth.

According to Credit Suisse’s individual wealth breakdown, 175,700 people had more than $50 million. Of those, 55,800 people own at least US$100 million and 4,410 people own over US$500 million.

Finite bitcoin supply to be 98 per cent mined in 10 years

Bitcoin’s total supply currently (as of March) stands at 18.64 million BTC. That means there are 2.37 million coins left to mine. In 10 years, the supply will amount to 20.6 million. That is 98 per cent of the 21 million coins that exist in total.

If you exclude the 1.9 million coins from the bitcoin supply that have not been touched for over a decade, that leaves a maximum of 19.2 million BTC for millionaires worldwide. This includes coins that have not yet been mined, assuming the Bitcoin supply is divided equally among millionaires.

However, if all Bitcoin that have not moved for five or more years are excluded, a maximum of 14.57 million BTC is available. In this scenario, all millionaires worldwide could own only 0.28 BTC, assuming the supply is evenly distributed.
Rich will fight for 0.01 BTC

Besides the clear millionaires, there are 590 million people whose net worth is over US$100,000. These people should not be disregarded as potential buyers, even if their purchasing power is lower.

Assuming the global wealth share shown in the chart above remains the same, millionaires represent 6.32 million coins from the remaining Bitcoin supply. This means that each of these could only buy 0.12 BTC.

The remaining 590 million people who currently own $100,000 or more could effectively hold another 5.9 million coins. That’s then only 0.01 BTC per person.

In summary, if you buy 0.01 BTC for the current $500, you can secure a position in the top 13 per cent. If you compare the relative wealth concentration of the fiat and bitcoin markets, being in the top 13 percent in bitcoin is just as exclusive as being a fiat millionaire.

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Bitcoin futures reach $ 14 million for the 1st time

BTC futures hit an all-time high on February 6, as Bitcoin’s price approached $ 41,000.

This is because the entire cryptocurrency market has seen several days of record performance.

Traders take advantage of cryptocurrency derivatives to maximize their returns.

On February 6, the aggregate value of all Ethereum Code reached $ 14 billion, according to data from Skew.

A future Bitcoin

The total value of all unsettled Bitcoin (BTC) futures in the cryptocurrency market soared to over $ 14 billion on February 6, according to cryptocurrency analysis firm Skew.

This record valuation follows a recent rally in Bitcoin to just under $ 41,000. Binance , the largest exchange by volume, led the contract load, accounting for just under half of the total volume of BTC futures transactions.

The leading cryptocurrency exchange was also the first to focus on BTC-based derivatives, with $ 2.33 billion in unsettled contracts.

The most famous provider of Bitcoin futures, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), came in third ($ 2.05 billion). Rival exchange, OKEx, came in second ($ 2.21 billion).

A futures contract allows its owner to buy the corresponding asset at a price agreed upon in advance, at some point in the future. Unlike an option contract, the holder is obligated to make the purchase.

$ 1.5 trillion on the horizon

With the cryptocurrency market’s record performance last week, it’s no surprise that futures traders are bullish. On Friday February 5, Ethereum (ETH) set a new record at $ 1,752.05, after gaining 18.3% since the start of the week.

The second token in the crypto market also saw its market capitalization reach $ 200 billion for the first time in its history. This makes him more valuable than several Wall Street giants including Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, and American Express.

Together, BTC and ETH have a total value of just under $ 900 billion. This equates to 75% of the total market cap of the market ($ 1.17 trillion).

Some in the cryptocurrency community are predicting that the $ 1.5 trillion mark will soon be crossed if current momentum continues.

Derivatives are trending

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency derivatives, these predictions may well come true. The total volume of all derivatives traded on Binance hit a record high of $ 40 billion.

This figure includes the futures of 147 different crypto assets and is accompanied by a record $ 5.4 billion in interest outstanding on the exchange.

In addition, more and more derivative products are launched every day. Following media attention from Dogecoin ( DOGE ) over the past few days, BitMEX has announced the creation of a perpetual exchange for the famous coin itself.

With 20x leverage and Elon Musk in his role as Honorary CEO, DOGE cryptocurrency will be used more and more.

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Analyse du prix des bitcoins : La CTB ne se casse pas et perd immédiatement 2 000 dollars

La scie à fouet Bitcoin poursuit son chemin, n’ayant pas réussi à briser l’angle supérieur du triangle baissier marqué et a immédiatement chuté de 2000 $ pour atteindre le support de 32 500 $, fourni par un niveau de Retracement de Fibonacci de 0,382.

Les perspectives pour Bitcoin semblaient prometteuses vendredi, suite au tweet d’Elon Musk. Le prix de la BTC a réussi à sortir sur le côté haussier du triangle descendant. Cependant, cette rupture a été de courte durée et s’est transformée en une fausse alerte, la pièce n’ayant pas réussi à fermer une bougie de 4 heures au-dessus de 37 200 $. Bitcoin est donc retombé dans le triangle hier.

Aujourd’hui, l’élan n’a pas changé, car Bitcoin a commencé la journée en essayant de briser l’angle supérieur du triangle, à environ 34 200 $, mais n’a pas réussi à le maintenir. En conséquence, Bitcoin est passé sous la barre des 33 000 $ et a continué à descendre jusqu’à 32 190 $ au moment d’écrire ces lignes.

Soutien des prix de la CTB et niveaux de résistance à surveiller

Principaux niveaux de soutien: 32 500 $, 32 000 $, 31 200 $, 30 760 $, 30 322 $.

Niveaux de résistance clés: 33 110 $, 34 000 $, 34 450 $, 35 000 $, 35 790 $.

A l’avenir, si la vente se poursuit en dessous de 32 500 $, le premier soutien se situe à 32 000 $. Suivent 31 200 $, 30 760 $ (Fib à court terme 0,786 et la ligne de la moyenne mobile de 50 jours), 30 322 $ et 30 000 $ (la base du triangle).

De l’autre côté, la première résistance se situe maintenant à 33 110 $ (Fib 0,382 baissier). Elle est suivie de 34 000 dollars (angle supérieur du triangle, où Bitcoin n’a pas réussi à casser aujourd’hui, ainsi que la MA-200 de 4 heures), 34 450 dollars (0,5 Fib baissier) et 35 000 dollars.

Les objectifs supérieurs à 35 000 dollars se situent à 35 790 dollars (0,618 Fib baissier), 36 000 dollars et 37 1000 dollars.

Le RSI quotidien s’est poursuivi sous la ligne médiane, indiquant que la dynamique baissière commence à s’intensifier. S’il continue à baisser, Bitcoin peut facilement se retrouver à tester à nouveau l’angle inférieur du triangle à environ 30 000 $.

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  • Bitcoin ha visto un’immensa volatilità negli ultimi tempi, con i tori che hanno invertito le sue recenti perdite interamente durante la notte mentre riprendevano il controllo del cripto
  • Questa azione di prezzo conferma che l’ultimo selloff è stato uno di quelli abbastanza comuni durante i mercati dei tori quando il crypto ripercorre il 30-40% prima di continuare la sua ascesa
  • Il punto di forza di BTC è la creazione di venti di coda per l’intero mercato, dato che anche il settore dei PF e la maggior parte degli altri importanti altcoin hanno avuto un’impennata.
  • Un commerciante sta notando ora che è piatto su Bitcoin, per il momento, ammonendo che la resistenza intorno a $40.000 potrebbe essere abbastanza significativa e causargli un ritiro notevole.
  • Una volta che può rompere al di sopra di questo livello, tuttavia, il crypto potrebbe vedere un massiccio slancio verso l’alto che lo porta a nuovi massimi

Bitcoin e l’intero mercato della crittovaluta sono esplosi più in alto oggi, con i tori che prendono il pieno controllo del mercato mentre cercano di invertire la recente tendenza al ribasso.

Questa forza a livello di mercato mostra pochi segni di rallentamento nonostante la resistenza che la Bitcoin sta affrontando nella regione a meno di 40.000 dollari.

Più a lungo si consolida al di sotto di questo livello, più è pronto a pubblicare un rally di breakout che lo manda a volare qui.

Un trader ha spiegato che ora sta guardando per una pausa al di sopra dei 40.000 dollari prima di lanciarsi a lungo sulla cripto-valuta. Egli osserva che si tratta di un livello cruciale, e qualsiasi forte rifiuto potrebbe portare ad un ulteriore e significativo svantaggio.


Al momento della scrittura, Bitcoin è in crescita di poco più del 5% al suo attuale prezzo di 39.400 dollari. Questo segna un notevole aumento rispetto ai suoi recenti minimi di 30.000 dollari, fissati solo pochi giorni fa durante una vendita a livello di mercato.

Dove le tendenze dell’intero mercato dipenderanno senza dubbio dal fatto che i tori possano o meno mantenere il loro attuale slancio, in quanto lo useranno per frantumare il livello di resistenza di 40.000 dollari.


Condividendo le sue riflessioni su dove potrebbe evolvere il Bitcoin nel breve periodo, un analista ha spiegato che sta osservando da vicino per vedere la sua reazione a 40.000 dollari.

„Bel salto fuori dal triangolo ascendente per $BTC“. Sono piatto mentre ci avviciniamo a questa zona di resistenza orizzontale. Sarei sorpreso se al primo tentativo di raggiungere nuovi massimi, ma BTC mi ha sorpreso un sacco di volte in passato“.

I prossimi giorni dovrebbero fornire indicazioni sulla forza di Bitcoin che spinge contro un livello di resistenza cruciale.

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Bitcoin Correctie zou Bull Run Launchpad kunnen zijn

Bitcoin’s snelle run en recente correctie heeft enige bezorgdheid over het feit dat de 2021 stierenrennen voorbij is.

Er zijn opvallende parallellen tussen de laatste Bitcoin die in 2017 een recordhoogte bereikte en wat we hebben gezien.
Deze correctie is stevig in lijn met wat we in 2017 zagen voordat Bitcoin parabolisch werd.

De snelle stijging van Bitcoin Future tot $42.000 en de correctie van $10.500 heeft velen bezorgd gemaakt dat de Bitcoin-stierenloop voorbij is, dat wat we zojuist hebben gezien een opmaat is naar een grotere correctie tot $20.000 of minder. Hoewel we zeker kunnen zeggen dat Bitcoin te snel groeide tegen het einde van vorig jaar, zijn er opvallende overeenkomsten tussen wat er gebeurde de laatste keer dat Bitcoin zijn recordhoogte doorbrak in 2017 in de aanloop naar die stierenloop en wat we in de afgelopen weken hebben gezien die suggereren dat precies het tegenovergestelde gaat gebeuren.

Bijna Exacte Parallellen tot 2017

Iedereen die sinds september naar de Bitcoin-weekkaart kijkt, heeft gelijk als hij denkt dat de Bitcoin te ver doorgedreven is, of zeker was tot de recente correctie. Echter, denken dat het zal terugvallen naar waar de run begon in september negeert waar we ons in de marktcyclus bevinden. Als dit het einde van de stierenrennen was, dan zou je dat geval zeker kunnen beargumenteren, maar dit is nog maar het begin, en als we terugblikken op deze fase van de laatste stierenrennenmarkt kunnen we enkele opvallende parallellen zien.

Laten we eerst eens kijken naar wat er gebeurde toen Bitcoin zijn eerdere high brak in 2017:

Zoals we kunnen zien, brak iBitcoin zijn vorige high van $1.180 in april en sloeg de maand erna $2.980, wat neerkomt op een quickfire 150% stijging. Na deze sprong werd het terug gecorrigeerd naar $2.120, een daling van 28%.

Snel vooruit naar 2020/21 en wat zien we:

Bitcoin heeft zijn vorige high van $20.000 op 16 december gehaald en is binnen drie weken naar $42.000 geracet, een winst van 110%. Dit is 40% minder dan de winst van 2017, maar aangezien Bitcoin een veel duurdere aanwinst is, is dit te verwachten. En wat hebben we sindsdien gezien? Een terugtrekking naar $30.280, wat neerkomt op een correctie van 28% – precies hetzelfde als we zagen na de stijging van 2017. De parallel is opvallend, tot aan de twee pauzes onderweg in beide gevallen.

Bitcoin Ready For Next Leg?

Laten we ons nu herinneren wat er in 2017 gebeurde na die eerste terugtrekking. Bitcoin zag een fakout en een verdere dump naar $1.840 wat Forbes ertoe aanzette om te vragen „Is dit de bodem?“. Inderdaad, toen Bitcoin tijdens het laatste deel van de stierenloop in tranen uitbarstte, zette hij in vijf maanden tijd 90% in om in december alle hoogtepunten van de tijd te bereiken.

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